Ich gehe auf Mission

We mailed missionary calls to the children a week before the activity. Groups of 4-5 children were each called to one of 6 locations. 6 stations were prepared based on those 6 locations. We asked ward members who had served missions to prepare a 15 minute station based on their cultural and missionary experiences. When the children arrived, we had a game where they could guess which country various flags were from. They each received a passport and had to sign his/her name. We started with an assembly with the bishop. Then the kids rotated through the stations, receiving a passport stamp at each stop. We ended with foods from around the world.

Passport inspiration: http://www.fiarcircle.com/downloads/lessons/passport.htm
The passport covers were made with red cardstock using a gold Edding to write “Reisepass” and a stencil for the center design. The bottom chip was drawn by hand. Reisepass-1 (with picture) and Reisepass-2 (with schedule and pages for stamping) were stapled together and then glued inside the red paper so that everything was smooth.

Postkarte Einladung



(KA, Feb 2011, Hecht)


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